Morrow is in many ways a product of historic settlement patterns that were based on the availability of natural resources, transportation links, and some element of chance.  In 1837, the Little Miami Railroad began construction a line that would pass through Morrow.  And with that, the old adage "if you build it, they will come" came true.  


Early settlers capitalized on the natural power of the Little Miami River to build a grist mill at the confluence of Todds Fork. By 1844, the railroad laid track from Cincinnati to the grist mill and Morrow was born up on the site of James Miranda’s farm. A new stagecoach line connecting Cincinnati to Lancaster created more traffic and added to the village’s promise.


Today, you can still take a walk-through history as the old train bridge has been repurposed as a pedestrian walkway.

Morrow sits inside Salem Township in Warren County and was named in honor of Jeremiah Morrow, the ninth Governor of the State of Ohio.  With over 2,300 residents, the village is crossed by US Route 22 - the main east/west corridor to the region and US Route 123 going north/south.  The Village of Morrow remains a vital connection to the southwest Ohio region.

With two major waterways, forested hills, parks, and a regional multiuse trail, the Village of Morrow is a picturesque outdoor hotspot.  Because of this natural setting, Morrow offers numerous outdoor recreation opportunities including canoeing, biking, fishing and walking paths as well as growing arts and shopping centers and restaurants. 

Morrow’s community life is well organized into distinct areas for shopping, for working; and for living. Within the village's boarders sit a full spectrum of housing options and architecture.  We a housing market just right for everyone, from older historic homes to modern homes in a variety of price points to match anyone's  budget. Whatever the choice, they are all easily accessible to the village's outdoor amenities.   


We are building a new tomorrow... you will see why many have chosen to live, work and play right here in The Village of Morrow.  

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