Morrow's Village Administrator

The village administrator's position is involved with the village infrastructure such as utilities as well as the repair of streets, bridges, sidewalks, etc.  In this capacity, the administrator will also lead the effort to submit and administer grants for the advancement of Morrow.

Caroline C. Whitacre

Carol was raised in Morrow and attended Morrow Elementary, Junior High and Little Miami High School. After graduating from Little Miami, she went to Ohio State University where she majored in microbiology.  She joined the faculty at Ohio State and spent her career doing research on multiple sclerosis for 36 years.  She retired from her position as Senior Vice President for Research at Ohio State, but remains an avid Buckeye football fan.  She and her husband Mike Para have one grown son, Alex.  They have been working on fixing up the family homestead in Morrow for the past several years. 




150 E. Pike Street

Morrow, Ohio 45152

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