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Testimonials: What people are saying about us

Here's what people are saying about Morrow e-News.

"You have done so much good work in turning the tide, it would be criminal to revert to the old ways.  Your positive influence has been remarked upon many times in and around tour community." - M.B.


"I just wanted to say thank you for all the communication you are giving us.  Good communication is a key component in building a successful city.  You are doing a great job and its appreciated!" - R.I.N.


"I love the Morrow e-News!  You are clearly moving Morrow to the next level.  I am glad you are on board." - J.W.N.


"I must say, you do a great job of maintaining and communicating this newsletter.  Thank you for doing this and keep up the great work!" - S.B.


"Thank you!  I like that (Morrow e-News) is inclusive of the surrounding communities." - J.P.


"I want to thank you from the top of my head to the tips of my toes for all the magnificent press that you give (our business)!  You are so very kind and generous to do this for us!  Thanks again so very much." - B.M.


"Your (newsletter) has grown so much!  It took me over 30 minutes just to browse and selectively read the materials I was interested in.  Good job!  Thank you for becoming such a supporter of Warren County." - J.B.


"Great job on Morrow e-News.  Morrow is truly a little gem with much history, as well as a recreational destination.  It is nice that you bring Morrow out of the 1950's and at the same time maintain it's integrity and history" - H.D.


"Thanks for keeping the calendar up to date.  Very helpful in planning events." - V.V.


"Thanks for keeping me in the loop with great and very useful information." - L.S.


"Thank you for publishing our information." - M.G.


"You are doing great things in Morrow.  Keep up the good work." - J.G.


"Thanks for continuing to include us.  We really appreciate it." - V.V.


"Fantastic!  Thanks so much!" - L.S.


"This is a great resource for local events for the holidays." - N. S.


Regarding the First Annual Christmas on Main event held on November 30, 2013: "I went with low expectations and was pleasantly impressed overall.  The weather, the traffic, and the festive atmosphere was wonderful!  To see the town come to life, and for all the right reasons, was heart-warming and encouraging.  I have a vision for the Village of Morrow!  I believe God has something very special in store for our local community and what you all did, was a step in the right direction.  You should be very proud of what you accomplished and truly hope you feel satisfied with all of your efforts to make Christmas on Main a memorable event.  Thank you again for inviting us and for all your efforts!" - D.H.


"Your newsletter is great.  It covers almost everything." - A.T.


"Thank you so much!  We greatly appreciate it!" E.H.


"Thank you so much for creating and broadcasting the Morrow e-News.  I find it helpful in keeping up with what's going on around town." - M.G.


"This was one of the best Morrow e-News yet!  Thanks for the updates." - R.B. & S.B.


"Thanks for the most comprehensive list of events I have ever seen!" - P.A.


"Great job!" - P.Z.


"You should get the 'Citizen of the Year' award in my opinion." - G.N.


"Thanks so much for your great information." - L.S.


"Great job as usual." - B.G.


"Good newsletter." - B.Y.


"I am impressed with the Morrow e-News!  A lot of info I had no idea about." - L.A.


"I would like to subscribe to the Morrow e-News.  It's great! - M.C.


"I think the Morrow e-News is pretty cool!  Looks like you have a lot of great stuff planned for Morrow, which is exciting to see."  - S.J.


"I'm very impressed with the Morrow e-News and all the news and information.  I know it takes a lot of time and effort to get that all together.  I look forward to future issues.  We wish you much success in fulfilling your dream of Morrow's tomorrow!" - L.S.


"Nice newsletter." - R.J.


"Thank you so much for putting out this in-depth newsletter; it has more information than the local paper!" - S.K.


"I still marvel at the amount of information in your Morrow e-News!  I learn something all the time! - B. M.


"I would love to be included on your Morrow e-News distribution list.  Lots of fun things going on we didn't know about. - J.R.


"Your Morrow e-News is fantastic.  Just wanted to say thanks for all the work." - P.H.


"I compliment you on a wonderful Morrow e-News.  It seems to keep growing.  Great job." - B.G.


"You do great work with the Morrow e-News." - J.B.


"Thank you for the work you do with the Morrow e-News." - P.H.


"Another great newsletter.  Thanks." - V.V.


"Thank you so much for putting all of our news in [Morrow e-News]!  We really appreciate it." - P.A.


"Just watned to say thank you for a job well done.  Your Morrowe-News is such a great service to our community. Thank you, thank you." - B.G.


"Thank you very much for publishing our [event] in your Morrow e-News.  We always have a great turnout from Morrow citizens, so we really appreciate your spreading the word for us." - A.M.


"Thanks for the great work you do." - P.Z.


"Just wanted you to know that I very much enjoy reading your Morrow e-News.  It is very comprehensive and well written." - B.M.


"Your Morrow e-News is chock full of information.  I appreciate it.  Thank you!" - S.M.


"I think you have the best events calendar in town." - P.A.


"Love the newsletter!  So nice to be able to stay up on what's going on.  Thanks!" - L.H.


"Wow, thanks for all the press!" - P.A.


"Great update [Morrow e-News]!" - S.A.


"Nice edition of Morrow e-News; something's available for everyone." - S.B.


"Great job on the Morrow e-News.  I enjoy it and learned a few things about the area." - J.Z.


"I'd like to let you know how much I enjoy and appreciate receiving the Morrow e-News.  As a newcomer to Morrow, I've found it both helpful and interesting." - F.B.


"Really love your Morrow e-News.  Great job!" - B.G.


"I think you should buy out the Western Star and start your own paper.  I get more info from your Morrow e-News than any place else! - V.T.


"You are certainly doing a great job.  Thank you for all your good work." - J.H.


"Keep up the good work.  We need a positive image for Morrow.  It has lots of potential." - R.G.


"Thanks for all your hard work.  I absolutely love the Morrow e-News.  Keep them coming!" - N.J.


"I love your calendar listings, so comprehensive!" - P.A.


"An informative and well-composed newsletter.  Thanks for sharing." - S.G.


"Good job with the Morrow e-News.  I expect you are getting good feedback." - J.F.


"What a great newsletter!  You put a lot of work into that." - P.A.


"Really like what you've done with Morrow e-News!" - P.


"Thanks for sending us your Morrow e-News.  I certainly enjoy reading it.  Good job." - A.M.


"I saw your inaugural Morrow e-News and I am so excited that the Village of Morrow is 'going electronic' with its news and information.  I wish you much success!" - M.B.


"Thanks, what an amazing collection of information!  One of my co-workers forwarded your 39 page Morrow e-News.  Lots to do in Warren County, I had no idea." - A.K.C.




Village of Morrow

      150 East Pike Street

      Morrow, Ohio 45152



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Dispatch (513) 695-2525

             Emergency 911



Public Affairs

Please click on the "Departments" tab, then on the "Public Affairs" tab for news and information on the following items:

  • Annual Water Consumer Confidence Report
  • Charter Form of Government
  • Council Meeting Minutes
  • Morrow e-News Archive
  • Public Officials Directory
  • Recent Press Coverage
  • Testimonials
  • Village Administrator's Reports
  • Water System Upgrades


Human Resources 

Please click on the "Departments" tab, then on the "Human Resources" then "Employent Opportunities" to find any open position and application.

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